the north face backpack Faces of the 2017 Arts Without Borders Quick Draw

the north face size chart Faces of the 2017 Arts Without Borders Quick Draw

This was the first time Angus George had taken part in the Quick Draw event, which was held in conjunction with the Mayor Celebration of the Arts night.

George is a potter, so he made a mug beforehand, and painted a design on the mug for his piece of art, and called it art.

I had time in the 90s I got involved through the Science and Cultural Centre, they had a resident artist back then. They put on pottery courses and I took one of those. I found it absolutely fascinating, he explained.

A couple of years ago, after George retired, he got involved with the Lloydminster Pottery Guild.

really good because I don have a lot of the tools I can do clay work in. Through the guild, that rents space from the cultural centre, I have a place, a studio I can go to and work in. Plus, there is the education I get from the other people working there, he said.

Once he became really involved in pottery, he said it gave him a sense of accomplishment to make something and finish a process.

Danielle Benard: Setting her career

was cool because you can have people come up to you (and) you can start conversations with people as you work. It was (also), really fun seeing other people art too, said Benard.

Colours are a big part of her art. It what inspires her when she starts to make her pieces.

do predominately use a lot of bright blues and more bright colours, she said, noting they are happy colours.

To prepare for the event Benard brainstormed on sketch paper, trying to develop her ideas beforehand.

always the nerve of people bidding on this, what if I mess up. But, I enjoy it more than I feel nervous, she said.

Even though Benard has always been an artist, it wasn until a she was 11 years old that she was seriously trying to improve on her skills.

one thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life and never get tired of it, she said.

Tara Challman: Pretty practical artwork

The person who purchased her art through the silent auction was given the choice of waiting for the set she was working on, or to take the previously finished pieces.

Last year at the event she made coffee mugs, a sugar bowl and a creamer. Challman said she likes to make what people ask for.

just like to try all sorts of different things, she added.

Taking part in the Quick Draw was important to her, because of its goal to help raise funds to a bursary for local artists.
the north face backpack Faces of the 2017 Arts Without Borders Quick Draw