the north face redpoint jacket Facts About Connecticut Towns

the north face ladies Facts About Connecticut Towns

The information on this page was compiled by Kathleen McWilliams, Aneri Pattani and Alex Putterman.

One of the worst traffic accidents in Connecticut history occurred in Avon when a truck driver lost control on Route 44, struck a series of cars and killed four people in 2005. One of the state earliest monuments commemorating the Civil War, it was dedicated less than a month after the Battle of Gettysburg.

The geographic center of the state is located in Berlin.

In 1660, what is now Bloomfield was settled as a part of Windsor.

Bristol Lake Compounce is the oldest continuously operating theme park in America.

The southern portion of Burlington is known as Whigville after a group of residents who belonged to the Whig Party (a forerunner of the Republican Party) proclaimed themselves residents at a convention in Hartford.

Elisha Root invented the industrial technique of die casting the process of shaping something by pouring molten metal into a die or mold and allowing it to harden while working at the Collins Co.

William E. Simonds, who won a Congressional Medal of Honor for the Battle of Irish Bend during the Civil War, was born and raised in Canton.


East Granby is home to the Old Newgate Prison, a former copper mine turned prison used during the Revolutionary War to imprison British loyalists.
the north face redpoint jacket Facts About Connecticut Towns