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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. By the year 2020, using your driver license to get on a plane won cut it. All Hoosiers who wish to travel by air domestically will need a new kind of ID to get on board a plane, but so far only 25 percent of residents have it.

If you never heard of it, you not alone. That why this May, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles will begin mailing out information about the SecureID to Hoosiers who don have one yet.

SecureID is essentially an ID that meets the federal requirements for identification, said Indiana BMV spokesman Josh Gillespie. to make sure you are who you say you are, but it also helps as a provision towards identity theft. looks exactly like a driver license, only there is a gold star on the top right corner.

What makes this ID more secure is the additional personal information that is required to obtain it.

The recommendation for SecureID came out of the 9/11 Commission to improve security across the nation; one uniform ID to gain access to secure buildings,
the north face mens boots BMV reminding Hoosiers to obtain
military bases, and airports.

Once someone obtains a SecureID, it also replaces their state drivers license.

Any Hoosier who wants to board a commercial airline will need to have a SecureID by October of 2020. The ID will even be required for delivery drivers bringing items into bases and secure facilities like Camp Atterbury. passport, you do not need a SecureID and may use this as your identification to fly domestically.

Right now, the BMV is aware not many Hoosier know about the SecureID, but the agency will begin an informational campaign this May. They hope people will begin applying now to avoid the mad rush expected right before the October 2020 deadline.

you do this now and we start getting people to get their SecureID now, that means that there will be less wait times in branches, said Gillespie. be able to get your SecureID much more easily because you wont have to deal with a crush of people at the branch. states like Illinois have an earlier deadline for residents, because they are currently not a SecureID compliant state. If you hold an Illinois license, you should consider applying for a SecureID sooner if you plan to fly.
the north face mens boots BMV reminding Hoosiers to obtain