the north face tent mules Blythe Customization How To

the north face hedgehog iv gtx Blythe Customization How To

Above is my stock doll Antoinette. And now, I am! And since a lot of people have asked questions about the process of customizing,
the north face tent mules Blythe Customization How To
I thought I would walk you through too! Today is a how to on the first step of customization: Face Matting. There are two ways to matte the face of your doll. One is to sand down the face removing all stock makeup. Second way is to spray matte the face. I am spray matting this girl as I really love her makeup and want her face to remain the same. Here are the steps I took to matting her face.

1 Unscrew all screws in the back of her head.

2 Us a crochet hook or some small hook to unhook the spring in the back of her head. See the image and notice the square hole. There is a small spring wrapped around that middle bracket. Unhook it.

3 Once that spring is unhooked, the head should start to come apart easily. You can pull the front face plate off and the back plate off. The wig/dome will pop off the top too.

4 Now it time to take out the eye mech. These pop in and out of the front of the face. Use a butter knife along the side of the eye socket to pop them out.

5 Now we have everything separated. Next I untied the pull string so that the eyes can be completely separated from the back of the head. This will make spray matting the pieces easier.

Now my face plates are matted and appear more human like. We lost that shine the stock doll came with. And the first step is done!
the north face tent mules Blythe Customization How To
Stay tuned for the next step.