the north face venture jacket A North Shore Senate race emerges

the north face ladies boots A North Shore Senate race emerges

Choice in our representation on Beacon Hill has been a rare thing in recent years. More state representatives and senators receive a free ride than have serious competition via a primary or general election contest.

Thus recent reports of a Democratic primary race in the 2nd Essex state senate district and the 4th and 8th Essex House districts are worth cheering. In the former, incumbent state Sen. Joan Lovely, D Salem, is being challenged by newcomer Teury Marte.

Marte is a native of the Dominican Republic who now resides in Peabody. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she holds degrees from North Shore Community College and Salem State University and has many years of experience in the human services field.

A former Salem city councilor and native of Beverly, the veteran Lovely has a strong base and impressive record of electoral success. But her rapid rise within the Senate ranks could actually hurt her with those tired of the status quo at the Statehouse, particularly in the Tanner City the district’s largest community which has tended to lean more conservative in recent elections.

Lovely may have lost some support within her hometown with her tepid support for the Sanctuary for Peace ordinance endorsed by voters last fall. (The issue likely cost her husband his seat on the Salem City Council.)A note of thanks to erstwhile 2nd Essex candidate and former councilor William Legault for posting a video on Facebook recently showing snow removal operations in front of the former Salem News building at 155 Washington St. Jon Blodgett, is working with girls struggling to escape the gangs and make a life for themselves here in the United States.

What Blitzer describes as Blodgett’s sparsely furnished office in a Garden City church is not that far from Trump Tower. The thinking here is that the glitzy Manhattan skyscraper’s namesake might learn a lot spending a day or two in Blodgett’s shoes. But he’d probably rather be golfing.
the north face venture jacket A North Shore Senate race emerges