the north face base camp flip flop Is The North Face warranty really life time

the north face shoes sale Is The North Face warranty really life time

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I recently submitted a warranty claim to North Face for a jacket that turned out to be made from a really poor material that doesn hold up to use. IMO it is a defect (one could argue whether it is a design or manufacturing problem), that shows up once the product is subjected to normal wear and tear.

They haven responded yet, so we will see if they stand by their name or not.

EDIT TNF issued me a refund gift card,
the north face base camp flip flop Is The North Face warranty really life time
so I very happy that they stood by their warranty. It would shed and get onto all of the contents, staining papers, a general mess. Now I believe this was due to the natural degradation of the lining and not wear and tear but customer service claimed this wasn covered under their warranty.

They offered to have me send in the backpack for evaluation (at my cost) and if they deemed it to be a defect, they would replace it with the current model. I brought to my local TNF retailer and explained the issue.

I didn have a receipt or proof it was purchased through a TNF retailer, they didn bat an eye.

Said it would likely be covered under warranty or I could pay a fee for any repairs or I would be sent a gift card.

I got it back in February 2017 iirc, and they completely re did the wrist bands both sides. Nicely tight around the wrists, even better than originally purchased.

Just my one off experience, YMMV. I wear my pneumatic jacket daily to, so it definitely gets some good wear and mileage to it.

Related I recently got a borod hoodie and the wrist bands aren that elastic. I think it just how they made since I had a couple different sizes to try on ordered. Paid for shipping to them. I used the USPS Priority Mylar bag to mail it in just stuffed it in the bag. They repaired a hood liner that had split,
the north face base camp flip flop Is The North Face warranty really life time
a zipper pull that broke off and some stitching that had been worn away. No cost. Used all the same colored stitching looks great again.

Check out TNF link below they clearly state the warranty covers the lifetime of the item not your lifetime.

Note: I believe the inside garment logo/label is what is used to verify your LLW coverage. Outlet purchases only carry a one year warranty.