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FRANKFORT The Senate approved a bill Feb. 1, that would curtail the naming of state buildings, roads and bridges after living politicians in Kentucky.

“What I tried to accomplish with this bill is . to take the politics out of these naming decisions,” said sponsor Sen. Stephen West, R Paris. “You are all aware that putting someone’s name on a building can have tremendous political implications.”

Known as Senate Bill 72, the legislation would specifically prohibit the naming of any state building, transportation project, program or initiative after a living statewide current or former constitutional officer, state legislator, state judge or state employee. It passed by a 35 3 vote.

A floor amendment adopted would exempt public universities from the restrictions on naming state properties. West said that he didn’t want to hamper fundraising efforts by those schools.

West said SB 72 would also eliminate the possibility of uncomfortable and embarrassing situations of having properties named after living people who go on to commit disgraceful acts.

The measure wouldn’t exclude federal officials if they have never held an elected officer in Kentucky or been a state employee. SB 72 would also not be retroactive, meaning property already named after a living current or former elected officer or state employee would not be renamed.
the north face hedgehog It matters with state property