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One man another former lover of Morris who said he remains friends with the defendant testified Morris had fallen out of love with her husband Damario “Blaze” Morris.

“Sometimes she would tell me she wasn t sexually attracted to (Damario Morris),” witness Uchendu Uchendu said. “Sometimes she would tell me he irritated her.”

Police found Damario Morris, who was 32 when he died, fatally stabbed in the bedroom of the couple s home on the 100 block of Chester Avenue in Coatesville.

Unchendu said Charmella Morris called him once from Pittsburgh, where she had traveled with Matthews. On another occasion, the defendant told Uchendu she was in love with Matthews.

“I told her to leave him,” Uchendu testified. Morris worked as a counselor at the school at the time.

Matthews, who is 21 years old now, is expected to be Deputy District Attorney Megan Stumpf s star witness against Morris.

The morning Damario Morris was fatally stabbed seven times, Matthews drove the Morris family s purple Pontiac Grand Am and, allegedly at Charmella Morris s request, set it on fire.

Philadelphia firefighters found the burning car near F and Tabor streets in North Philadelphia. They traced the car s vehicle identification number to Damario Morris.

One of Morris former co workers at the Pennsylvania Clinical School,
the north face mcmurdo parka It was just sex
Jennifer Trout,also testified the defendant had told her she loved Matthews.

Morris and Matthews shared hotel rooms and spent days at Matthews mother s home when Matthews was awarded weekend s outside the clinic, according to Trout.

The victim s former boss at Sproule Manufacturing in Devault, Dean Barbor, described Damario Morris as a hardworking, reliable employee who had risen through the company s rank to production supervisor.

When the company decided to open a new plant in Houston, Barbor tapped Morris to oversee production there.

Barbor and Morris discussed the problems Morris was having with his wife on a daily basis, Barbor said. Morris told his boss about times when Charmella would disappear for days, usually with the family s only car.

“That was a common occurrence,” Barbor said. “But (Damario) was one of those guys, he just kind of rolled with it.”

In a videotaped statement given to Chester County detectives and Coatesville police, Charmella Morris admitted she initially lied about her affair with Matthews.
the north face mcmurdo parka It was just sex