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I remember my junior year at SUNY Oswego and interning in the Career Center. There were shelves of career search books and tests we could take to help us score our interests and strengths.

Looking back, I wish I had visited that space when I was a freshman, rather than become a Political Science major where I had little passion.

Luckily, as a sophomore I joined the college newspaper and befriended Communications and Public Relations majors. Being a typical college student, I then changed my major (for the third time), graduated, and began my career path in a somewhat related field.

In FM fall 2017 semester, just over 20 percent of the total number of students were declared as Arts General Studies majors. On the surface, that may sound like a waste of time and money to some; however, it is anything but that.

First, this degree is probably the most transferrable major that a two year college offers. It built with the first two years of general courses that students will need to have completed when they transfer to a four year university.

When I look over my transcript from SUNY Oswego (even back in 1999), my first two years mostly consisted of the same courses I could have taken at FM.

I wouldn trade my experience as a freshman away at college, but I could have explored my options in different majors and career paths and saved myself a lot of student loan debt (that only recently has been paid).

Second, for those freshman starting right out of high school, you will have forty plus years of career ahead of you when you graduate you better find where your passion lies.

Liberal Arts General Studies allows you to try out different courses that will help you narrow down those career choices and guide you toward your passion.

Take a class in drug and alcohol counseling, or criminal justice with probation and corrections, or creative writing or 3 D design and drawing. As the Early Admission Student Academic Advisor, this is the chosen major for our high school seniors.

Students can take high school requirements at FM for both college and high school credit, or they can simply take a class or two on our campus and explore different majors and interests before they graduate high school and leave the nest.

My students and co workers would say I pretty passionate about my role at FM.

Anyone who knows me knows that I a huge Bob Ross fan (yes, the painter from the 70s and 80s on PBS).

For high school seniors graduating in June (or for those already graduated), FM will be hosting a Campus Visit Day on March 14. Tour the campus and sit through a college class of your choice. For more information, contact the Admissions office at 518 736 FMCC (3622), ext. 8301.
the north face womens jackets It's time to make those big decisions